They watch you and follow you through to the darkest corners of your mind

As you slowly fall into the next menial activity you have planned out

On your todo list you so neatly set out for yourself

Even there a check box is out of place or a word is misspelled 

It’s not right. It’s not the way I want 

or how everyone thinks it needs to be. 

Look over there at the girl who doesn’t abide by the unbroken code. 

Her ability to avoid the “normal” and “average”

Her code of disbalance disproportion 

avoidance of accordance to the strict bylaws 

Torn down in her non conformist mind where she

Creates her own cage to sit in

With her own lions and wildebeests

Even when sitting independently

There are still the imperfections

whether everybody shares them in disgust and contempt 

Or they are your own personally tailored set of horrors unseen and unknown and uncared for by everyone else 

Those out off place those chipped walls or facades and freckles on your face that others can’t see (or they can)

Those imperfections linger on you with you through the out

eventually you take up residency with the lion and wildebeest

Happy to blame the cage because what else can you do but stare out at those imperfections

Blocking you from escaping your own complexly laid out way of thought

Your own complexly laid out discrepancies 

Your own imperfections 

Unchangeable unshakeable unalterable 

And overall uncontrollable thus not your fault  



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