Fear is not the only thing stopping you|| 2.16.16

I am scared. I am scared of mediocrity. I am afraid that I am so smart I am destroying myself. I am afraid that I am thinking so hard so fast that my head will explode. I am afraid of the future. I am afraid of the past. I am afraid of what every moment of life holds. I am not afraid to live. But I am afraid of everything that comes with it. 

This fear keeps me awake. It pours out of my veins into my everyday life. My father told me 

They say you are born free but you are chained everywhere. The things that are good for you are tough. 

Don’t underestimate other people’s efforts. And don’t be selfish. Unless you truly care about the outcome of your life.

Most of us don’t. 

Most of us are just afraid. 


Overdue Anecdotes

So I have made another blog The Lala Studies it is sort of a motivation blog and i am probably going update it regularly unlike this blog. Then I have my tumblrs My AestheticMy Trash, and My Studyblr. If you go to the tag “Lala says Stuff” you will get to see any of my posts on the tumblr. Just thought a generalized update was overdue. Also messaging me on tumblr is probs the easiest way to contact moi. 

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