Quite the Day to be Alive


Against my normal everyday motto I am here to say that

today appears to be a fantastic day to be alive

and coming from me that is saying a lot.

Your probably thinking to yourself, “Why is Lala so inexplicably happy?”

Well, the answer young grasshoppers is that it is my birthday. This fantabulous day when Marty McFly went back to the future, this day of the first quarter moon, this day that marks the beginning of Navaratri and the beginning of Dusshera in Hindu culture, just happens to be my birthday. Before I even fully understood what the term birthday meant, mine was lusted after as a piece of scify gold or a sentiment of aligning vibrations, and as cynical as I normally am about these things today just doesn’t seem like a day to waste worrying about these small and rather ludacris things. I have a bright day of expectations and wonder. Just

Let me Live

I am going to be listening to my ” Golden Outcomes Only 🌻 “ Playlist (as well as “Blow out the Damn Candle” quite literal and a bit maddening) and smiling a little too wide, while wearing my black red and gold printed dress envibing the dark yet happy place I have found myself in my life.

Birthdays allow you to realize with more clarity than normal that today marks the rest of your life and nothing is worth pushing that away.

“Carpe Diem” the hell out of today and the rest of your life because you deserve at least that much I assure you.

Thanks for Reading,


P.S. – going to try to acrylic my nails soonish

P.S.S – going to by some vibe-y stuff to help calm my mind and body

P.P.P.S- for future ref Joan(can’t find her tumblr will try to update rip) and Olivia were the first to wish me holla at them


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