Whoop There It Is

So I forgot to post yesterday. Yes, I feel the shame. Honestly though it was s pretty dandy day and I updated tumblr twice. Soooo
Honestly the sat was tough the teasing sections and my essay were cray and in expecting kind of a poop Scot ngl. Oh well they release in Ng burthday do lets see how that goes. 

After I went to the tech game. Which was a lot of fun. Kali (that name change though ) was super sweet and so was her family. Their box seats were right under the jumbotron and I actually understand what was happening in the game. Aka I learned football. Which was pretty swell. Also the buffet was A++. Anyway afterwards I can home got unready and watched the Dolan twins videos for about 3-4 hours. And then my parents can home and presented me with my new fuzzy pajama set. GOD BLESSS. 

So I’m off to actually do the homework I promised I’d do. 

Thanks for reading,



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