The Removal of Melodrama Begins

So I was planning no revisiting some stuff today, but in the spirit of moving on I have decided not to dabble on it. With that in mind let us proceed.

So Today I woke up planned on reviewing some SAT math and then proceeded to fake relax. The reason I say fake relax is because unlike normal relaxation I was still consciously stressing about my upcoming midterm and the horror that is my SAT TOMORROW.

Despite popular belief I just want this god forsaken test to be over, but I know that I have to do well. That won’t be difficult I just need to stay focused and more importantly confident. To try to keep the stress away I did one of the few activities that truly unstresses me. That is watching movies.

So the movie I just completed was called “The A-List”.

Yes, it is as ridiculous as it looks and it is about as stupid as it sounds. It was one of those movies you watch and the whole time you are just feeling hardcore second hand embarrassment for the characters.

All in all it did the trick when it comes to stress relieving and hopefully soon I will actually be at ease. (probably if i finally finish review the math ugh)

Sidenote: the main character was pretty cute, Hudson Thames. He was in a slew of pretty “eh.” stuff (including Bride Wars) and I mean he definitely aided in the ease of watching.

He’s not Luke Mitchell or anything, but he’s pretty easy on the eyes.


Thanks for reading,


P.S. – not promising there won’t be more updates today oops.


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