Blogging is Hard (just like life)

 Sometimes I just don’t have a lot to say. 

Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say that other people will care about. 

Sometimes I just don’t have a way of fathoming my thoughts into words. 

Sometimes I just want a better life to live. 

I dont think people always realize what is making them sad. Their life appears to be going fine and dandy, but they are still not as happy as they should, or rather, could be.  This is stress inducing and cause people to break down since they can’t justify and explain why they feel how they feel. The primary goal of this post is to explain how this happened to me and how I finally realized why I felt so unfulfilled. 

Going about in everyday life exposes you to other people, and creates unintentional expectations for you. For me personally this was the reasoning behind my sadness. Lala around me people had great friends and awesome experiences happening while I was friendless in a new place and bitter about it. This reserve and negativity really bogged me down and caused me to subconsciously compare myself to everybody, to the people who had hiking rituals, to the girls who were too rich to have to worry about being smart, to my older friends who had the perfect little fairytale friend group. Everyone around seemed to be having the perfect year and for the second year running my life was just mediocre at best. 

Now I’m not saying this to incite pity or anything really. I just want to put this out there for those people (like me) who might be subconsciously stopping themselves from being happy just by comparing themselves to others. Wondering why this isn’t the best year of your life. My advice for you is: 

This might not be the greatest year of your life. Next year might not be too. But these years are necessary to get to a great year. Because then when you compare them you’ll know truly how great life is to live

I truly hope one of your many best years happen soon.
Thanks for reading,


P.s. I don’t really write for the masses I kinda of just wrote for personal clarification, but I hope this helps someone somewhere. 

P.p.s- if you want to actually know what I’m doing in my slightly-less mediocre life than normal track the tumblr tag “Lala says Stuff” (tagged for your convenience since its spread out over three blogs)


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