Moonlight Blogging || Ill-Conceived Conceptions

The summer treats us all differently and whether that is a result of our ill-conceived conception on what vacationing is or the laziness that controls our movements is beyond me.

During these past weeks i have had the opportunity to give up everything I care about and intensely prepare for the SAT. (yes, “the opportunity” is sarcastic. Well slightly. I slaved away doing practice and prep and papers and honestly I know it will never be good enough in my families eyes, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I worked hard and went the extra mile to prepare for an ungodly test that doesn’t deserve to have such an unnerving affect on students everywhere. In the light of these recent developments of education and extraneous work, I also found myself unable to bring myself to prep myself in anything. I understand that the studyblr community has been kind to me, but I cannot stand that I have still procrastinated on and I’m not even in school yet. Honestly, I idly watched as my days faded to weeks and soon turn to months (two to be specific) and the perils that are to follow hold mulitiple candles to the struggles of the past. Though I find that at this point I am rambling, rather incoherently about my 5 APs to come and the boatload of sadness tethered to the rear of my sinking ship. (And they say that my essay portion is my weakest section. HA)

Hopefully as the night progresses my onset of rage and ultimately distaste willl subside into something more tangible, hopefully also productive,

Thanks for Reading,


PS – I will try to update tomorrow morning and actually give a somewhat coherent recap of how I have been doing.


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