Moonlight Blogging || Juvenile Jungle

I am not one to say something is juvenile or child like because I constantly act as if I am 5. Courtesy of my inability to be a regular functioning human being, some might say my lifestyle is a “juvenile jungle”, and they would be right.

As they days pass by and my AP exams approach quickly my heart yearns for the days past when I should’ve been reading my textbooks instead of my procrastination filled dashboard of tumblr. In case you don’t follow my studyblr ( < shameless self promo), I am taking to AP exam, Statistics and World History, neither of these in themselves is very hard. The main problems lies in the fact that I am the worst and refuse to actual be a functioning member of society or academia (AKA I have a high likeliness of ending this school year with 4 B’s).

Holy Hell, yes, I know that is a crazy amount. AP Stats and World are my lowest and shamelessly my most anticipated B’s. However, only in my wildest dreams did I think I would get a B in Pre- Cal and Chem. Fuck you first semester Streptococcus, I did not ask to be here asshole. But now I am and I am just biding the last  ten  nine days of quiet before the storm. I need to whip my ass in gear and kill these exams. Speaking of B’s I am on the verge of having a fifth one. It’s all up to this paper due MONDAY. How in all of Orcus am I supposed to write a paper in that proximity to my AP exams. VT your killing me.

Anyway sorry for my school ramblings. The way the moonlight filled my room today reminded me that I haven’t written in a long time and that made me upset. So BAM blog post.

Thanks for reading,



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