Bullet Journals and Life Fixing

With the end of my least favourite month and the start of a reasonably fun month, I decided to start a new system of organization. This system needless to say is the Bullet Journal (as well as regular journaling).

BULLET JOURNAL – For the list-makers, the note-takers, the Post-It note pilots, the track-keepers, and the dabbling doodlers. Bullet journal is for those who feel there are few platforms as powerful as the blank paper page (http://bulletjournal.com)

Hello readers so let me tell you about my bullet journal.

In the last few weeks school has been scarce to say the least. AKA three school days in nearly three weeks. No, I kid you not. In that time I was thinking a lot about personal development, such as emotional, spiritual, physical problems with in my reality/space. I came up with the idea that I need to do things in a fast way which allows me no way to reason myself out of doing them. (I am my biggest enemy)

Other life things worth noting real quick

  1. I got a studyblr (or a tumblr blog with the main focus of studying) it is perpetuallyplanned.tumblr.com
  2. I have been on an Eddie Redmayne kick so if you see that shortly then thats why
  3. I have recently seen the Imitation Game and have a lot to say on that.
  4. Finally reread DUFF in preparation for seeing the movie and hot damn I forgot how different (aka BETTER) the plot is from the movie.
  5. I have started using my Polyvore again and the username is : lalalaimsinging (comment nice things on my outfits)

That’s where the bullet journal comes in.

My Actual Journal

AKA my new baby


My bullet journal was purchased off amazon. I reckon it was only about $10 here.

The page quality was significantly better than i expected, considering my Stabilo 88 fine liners


don’t bleed through the pages. AT ALL! It is such a blessing considering how beautiful the colors are.

(As well as my grid notebook I did buy my daily night in review journal on Amazon.)

Now back to the actual bullet journaling:

Bullet journaling is a system that makes you capable of jotting down quickly everything you need to do and also keeping track of what happened when, so that you can look back and objectively see all that you have done.

(go to bulletjournal.com if you want a more indepth explanation- the system was started by Ryder Carroll and he has a beautiful explanation.)


Now at the beginning of your journal you have your key. The key allows you to take notes in a more efficient way. I personally just wrote mine on an idex card and taped it one to the front cover.


The next and probably one of the most important things is the Index. This is honestly how you keep it all accessible wuth ease of access.

Monthly Spread

then you start every month with a monthly spread which is a list of the number of days and their respective day of the week. I like this view for writing in permanent dates that are important only to yourself.

Already you can begin to see why the graph paper is easier to handle than regular lined paper would be.

Monthly to do

next you have a list of “To Do’s” for the month that have no specific deadline. You just know you want to get them done during that month.

monthly cal

Now remember that people set up their bullet journal differently i decided to washi tape in a full monthly view that I made on regular graph paper. (you can see the slight pen bleeding as compared to the lack thereof in the actual journal.


On the back of that I drew a monthly log to make sure I do certain daily tasks everyday.

There are a multitude of ways you can set this up and change it to change to your needs. At the end of this post I will post some links that helped me derive my system.


Onto my personal favourite part, the daily spreads.

Daily spreads are just your to do lists for the day. Every morning I write the weather and every night I write the moon phase. This forces me to look at tasks i need to finish and actually do them.

Now the actual look of your daily spreads is very personal. My look is based on the original bullet journal and a system called fauxbonichi(?). That is almost like an art journal. I got a lot of concept from that idea.


If you have a lot of bullets that are similar you can make a collection. AKA a master list of things under one topic.

Just remember to log it in your Index.

This one is just a list of Movies I want to watch I am not someone who like the look of empty space so I tried to fill it up with some movie based doodles.


I also totally caved and wrote some school notes in here. I awas very pleased with the result of them though. I felt like with the grid paper I didn’t have to worry as much about formatting and that It filled the book nicely.


I am very knew to the whole “bullet journal” concept, but I am really digging this idea and I am really liking how this has gone in the last few days. It is a very adaptable system that you can change form month to month or even week to week, and if you dont do anything one day, just don’t write anything.

I will post at the end of the month and hopefully by then I have further clarity!


official website

Essentials grid-lined journal

My other journal (In the top most picture)

helpful bullet journal videos:

Bullet Journal talk through

Setup Ideas and Organization (long but worth it)

Bullet journal Organization(with week view)

Fauxbonichi (or diy hobonichi) concept

Mind Mapping and bullet journaling

Bullet Journal plus chronodex planning

fauxbonichi/bullet journal mixed idea

Thanks for reading,


PS – If you have any questions or concerns just ask|| plus I am not 100% proficient, but I do really love my current system.


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