With New Television Comes New Hot People

So if you know me you know that I have a ridiculous obsession with people who are ridiculously more beautiful than me. My latest victims has been the one and only John Young

So off late I have begun too watch the show The Tomorrow People. I was extremely surprised by how entertaining this show actually ended up being. The action sequences were interesting and well paced. The lines are witty and well placed, and the characters have somewhat realistic emotions within the world. Back stories are impressive and the development is well paced.

The reason I began the show was because I wanted something sci-fi, and I recognized Robbie Amell from past movies and TV shows. (Ps he is in fact Stephan Amell’s brother. Yes, I’m talking about Oliver Queen)

Honestly besides the reasons listed above I kept watching this show for the beautiful character known as John Young.

You are all probably wondering
“who the hell is John Young?”.

John Young is the blonde, built, and brooding character played by Luke Mitchell.
Don’t know who Luke Mitchell?


Bet you wanna know who he is now.

Luke Mitchell is an Australian actor who was actually in season three of H2O. Yes, I am throwing back to that Nickelodeon show that started back when I was in 2nd grade. Literally no regrets.
He was cute then


And he is cute now


What I’m trying to say is you should watch the Tomorrow People, if the cool premise and execution doesn’t intrigue you, he probably will.

I am actually the lamest. Oops

Thanks for Reading,


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