If I was a Tarot Card I’d be Death

Man so after a refreshing rewind of a break 2015 is already shaping up
To be something…

That something might be sleep deprived and disease ridden but who knows.
I have been so cold and dreary the last couple of days. School has been fine and my friends have been swell, but physically I just haven’t been feeling good(?). I am beginning to eat more fruit and drink more tea. Hopefully that will boost my immune system.

I am so thankful that the weekend is here and I can finally really unwind and unstress myself.
Such as this blog post, which is my first step to de-stressing.

I also made a pretty chill study mix on 8tracks which is linked here : 🎶
{If you want the track list do ask}

Finally I might write an actual research-y article soon. Who knows.

Thanks for reading,

Ps- I might update multiple times this weekend. Oops



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