The Lifestyle of Aesthetic

I hope all of you lovely people have had the most wonderful Christmas and New Year. I have been off in my own world dealing with personal issues I honestly just didn’t feel comfortable sharing. I am now returning in the new year to discuss with you how I am going to proceed in this delight known as 2015.

Im going to be doing and posting about many things i always post about such as books, media, tv, fashion… etc

But I will be beginning to talk more and more about fitness. I am on a mission to lose 20 pounds before may and get overall healthier. I know “Why Lala we didn’t sign up for this shit”, don’t fret my friends most likely this will be once or twice monthly, but I am just telling you. It is coming.

I’m also going to be talking more and more about astrology and spirituality. I know that you are all probably very confused. I know that sounds like some crazy indie tumblr blog, however, this is something I have a strong interest in, and I hope to share it with you.

Honestly, who knows what this year is to bring. I for one don’t, but hopefully it is a good one.

Thanks for putting up with my shit


PS – damn I am getting old

PPs – I need to get my life in check

PPPS – If you follow me on instagram or snapchat then you are probably aware of the fact I have been in California for Winter break. In a few days I will update my blog with pictures and thoughts, as well as a haul. Also I just picked up Meant To Be by ??? I forgot. It looks like it is going to be a cheesy love story. I might update you who knows?


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