Thanksgiving and Stress Relieving


Okay so I feel like I am always explaining why haven’t update in so long and I have a pretty good reason this time… MY HARD DRIVE CRASHED.
I’m pretty damn sad. Not only did I lose all my photography work and my priceless compilation of Adam Levine gifs, now I have to blog and stuff off my ipad. #seriouslynotconvenient

Yeah its been a really stressful last week courtesy of my unnamed mac. (Yes, I honestly think this is all happening because I was unable to name it) On Friday, I had an AP Statistics test and guess who was unable to deliver due to the fact her laptop chose that very day to stop working. In case you were wondering yes it was in fact yours truly. ACTUALLY FML!!
Thankfully my mother swooped to my rescue and got me out of what could be another failed stats test. I have managed to keep my first (and hopefully only one) a secret, but it is getting harder to cover. *fingers crossed*
Saturday I had a flash from the past when someone decided to visit me from my old place of residence. TBH It was really awkward and uncomfortable. Whever, their arrival caused me to finally finish cleaning my room and my newly-reorganized shelves. I’lll call that a win.
Sunday, they left thankfully and I went to get my laptop fixed AKA give it to them so they can redo my whole hard drive. (Nooooooo, I’m not crying) I finished the day with the normal parent hostility and some ted talks.
On the dim side my ten foot long charger broke so I’m back to señor 3 ft. ew.
Finally today rolled around, courtesy of the Vampire Diaries my sleeping pattern has been way off the last two weeks (hashtag 4.5 seasons in less than 7 days). I woke up pretty late and was immediately rushed out the door to a physical/check-up. FUCKING 5 HRS- I left my house at 11:00 and actually got home at 4:15. Like you have got to be kidding me. Then I was forced todo an ACT paper. You might think I’m joking, well I’m not.
Thankfully I got to watch Big Hero 6 at 7:45 and quite frankly I now have hope for this break. (Hopefully I can review it soon)

Now that all that has been said, Thank you so much for reading till this.
I plan on posting up a thanksgiving week tbr and a couple other things.
I’m about to have to go wish my father happy birthday!

As Always
Thanks for Reading?

ps seriously though i watched 18 episodes of TVD on Monday alone.


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