Why updating can be so hard!

Okay so off late I haven’t been updating. Quite frankly life has been up or down and I was wondering why that effects how Often I update my blog.
I think I finally have it figured out.

Whenever I write something on here regardless how stupid or rangy or jumbled it may be i like it to meet a standard. When I go days and days on end without posting (like the last few weeks) it is normally because I don’t believe I have an adequate amount of time to type what I am feeling or to capture the emotion currently being processed.
Over the past two weeks? That has been literally my whole life. I have had so many very emotional moments causing me to be unable to talk about them with the proper seriousness they deserve.
I think I might start posting “flashback” post or “recap” posts (I don’t know what I will call them yet) those will cover the events that have happened that I was to preoccupied to write about at the moment.
Hopefully I explained this somewhat well,


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