Sometimes Lily Collins is breathtaking… oh wait that is all the time

So if you live in the UK (or if you are literally completely and utterly obsessed with lily collins) then you might be aware of the movie “Love, Rosie” that has just premiered everywhere, BUT THE STATES.

– like with all of Lily’s best movies-

Okay so If you know me at all then you know that lily collins is actually my role model. She is everything I want to be and more (but in like an essence way).

I’m not one of those creepy stalker fans, but i do go out of my way to watch all of her movies as soon as they come out because she is just a beautiful actress.

But that’s actually not the point of this post. THE POINT IS LOVE,ROSIE

Okay so “Love, Rosie” is a book by Cecilia Ahern (previously called “Where Rainbows End). This book is a series of emails, letters, and notes that tell a heart wrenching love story between two childhood friends. I went into this book last winter not knowing what to expect. Now, almost a year later and I can honestly say it has affected me on an emotional level. It gave me a whole new perspective on what life should be, how we should be living, and self worth. (My heart hurts just talking about it)

link to a pdf of the book

Now since the premiere I have been trying to find this god damn movie somewhere anywhere and just found out it will be legally premiering in theatres in the USA next year. HOW DO THEY EXPECT THIS TYPE OF WILL POWER.

literally my birthday was yesterday and all I was looking forward to was finding and watching this movie.

Honestly I just needed to rant about LC’s perfection and how badly I wanted to watch this movie. Like you don’t even know.

Thank you for reading to the end and I reward you with this breath taking picture of Lily Collins in an Elie Saab dress with Sam Claflin at the Rome Premiere of “Love, Rosie” (I know what your thinking – EVEN ROME HAS IT ALREADY!?!)

I know she is an actual all powerful goddess, and then Sam is like lol .

Sorry for the tedious rant & always thanks for watching,



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