Everythings Falling Together, but me

Long time no see, I know I usually update every other day so sorry.

“whatever I’m determined. I’m going to succeed if it’s the last god damn thing I do.”

Okay so lets start with Thursday I hung out with Sloane for awhile. She came over and we played Halo Reach and had a little mini party I also taught her how to code her tumblr blog. Thank Jesus Hallelujah, she needed it. After she left I facetimed Kenzie… ALL NIGHT. We had a TVD marathon whilt facetiming and I woke up on Friday with Facetime still running. lol yeah. She’s super awesome and nice.

Friday was fun too, I finally got to watch the Maze Runner movie (only a month too late), and was pleasantly surprised with how the casting turned out. Chuck was not what I expected (but still very understandable and nice) and Alby didn’t quite cut it for me. If I have time I might post a full review on that. I also got some jeans from American Eagle. Autumn got me like…

However, after shopping my parents let me go over to Sloane’s and hang out for a couple of hours. Like Damn what got into them. Whatever it is please stay. Now we get to today. It’s been great thus far and I’m feeling pretty good. Family Breaky plus tennis and five hours of volunteering. This birthday week is going pretty well considering how tragic they have been in the past.Who knows though, jumping to conclusions is bad.

Now for the falling apart part. Quite frankly school is killing me I can’t keep up and when I decide to relax (like now) it freaks me out because I dont know what is to come and I’m just psyching myself out for failure. I have three history quizzes this week and a math test and who knows what else. I’m severely stressed I’m going to treat myself tonight and see if I can fix it tomorrow *Deep Breath* well Now that you know whats up lets all meditate together for a while.

So to summarize. I just need to come down and get ahead of all my shit. Writing about it helps it really does though. Anywhozzles hopefully everybody else is doing calmer than me. (I haven’t even had time to read BoO like FML) whatever I’m determined. I’m going to succeed if it’s the last god damn thing I do.



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