Video Diaries, Vampire Diaries, and wistful Thinking?

So I spent four hours locked in a room with a standardized test in front of me #thehorror.

Let’s back up. Yesterday I started binge watching the vampire diaries, and realizing how much I suck.
I skipped my first two classes since I was a ho and decided I didn’t want to take quizzes then I decided that I was going to come home and study for neither my quizzes or my standardized test. What was I thinking?
So what did lala do instead of the important things? SHE WATCHED THE FIRST 10 EPISODES OF TVD. Like what even am I. Anywhozzles, today hasn’t been any better. However, I did get to episode 11 and plan on finishing BoO. The only reason I am saving the ending is because I want to savor the first time I read the end of my all time favourite series.
I also went to my first High Schools against cancel meeting and realized that some of my ideas aren’t stupid. I don’t know…

I’m sorry this was really shitty, but I’m truly too tired too be articulate.


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