Homecoming: of a New Season of Television

So I have been able to finally catch up on some shows. So lets recap this weekend thus far:

Friday 10/11:

After school my AP Stats partner and I went to Starbucks. Didn’t realize how much I missed the reassuring taste of a Frappucino. Afterwards I got to go to the homecoming game which is pretty strange considering that I don’t really do football. I had decent amount of fun I suppose. Anyway the real highlight however was that I cam home and was able to start my tv catch up.

I was finally able to catch up on How to get Away with Murder. Oh my gosh, I love it such a fabulous premise and so well written. The acting is on point, and the plot has a good developing arch. Only three episodes have been aired, but I am extremely excited for the rest of the season.

The first episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow was another thing I got to finally watch. Surprisingly good, in the past AHS has been a little overwhelming. Plus the plots were slightly hard to follow. However, this season I was actually able to fully understand the premise. Hopefully there is more to come, and it continues to make sense.

Saturday 10/11:

So I woke up and realized that I had a bunch of homework none of which I have finished and a standardized test on Wednesday. Damn. Regardless of this I was finally able to catch myself up to the latest in Arrow, and boy am I glad. After a heart wrenching second season (mainly courtesy of Thea) Season three hit me with a lot of cool unexpected stuff. OLICITY TOOK OVER GOD DAMN LIKE I CAN’T and Roy looks soooooo good. like holy.

I also took advantage of my time I watched the first few episodes of parks and recreations and was surprised. Though stupid it is short enough to keep me entertained. Unlike Community it is not as witty, but is rumoured to get more and more witty as the seasons pass.

Lala Xx


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