The Blood of Olympus…. OH MY GODS

Okay, let’s be honest, for me personally this is probably the single most anticipated book of the year. Today, at 4:53 pm my hard copy finally arrived at my door. By that time I was already well over a 100 pages in and now I’m well over 200 pages in. I plan on having this book finished by tomorrow and boy am I excited.

I decided that I should atleast do a little bit of expectations so I am making a bullet point list of some things I think / am pretty sure are going to happen


Expectations for the Blood of Olympus

  • MOTHER FUCKING CALEO – I’m sorry for profanity but if this isn’t a legitimate thing I’m going to cry I mean:

Look at that look at that little piece of perfection.

  • PERCABETH- okay so last book was loaded with a lot of moments when they got some heartfelt togetherness, but seriously I miss them nipping at each other and being a little less tense.
  • Nico development- last book we had a huge Nico Nuke dropped on us regarding his sexuality I’m hoping that gets addressed and not overlooked in the battle to stop Gaia. Nico definitely got more page time in the SoP, but I’m definitely hoping for that development to polish his character.
  • Jason doing things successfully – okay I think that booktuber Xinemay said this best, but I am really hoping that Jason isn’t the “Ice Cube”. I am so ready to see Jason actually go in there and kick some ass.
  • Coach Hedge back story- Okay so he isn’t the only one I want more of a back story on. This might just be me not remembering book details, but I am pretty sure that we are left not understanding a lot that is going on with Hedge’s wife and child. Like please give me some clarity Uncle Rick.
  • MORE TYSON- like i just miss him ):
  • ACTION- I hope that we don’t recap and just go. I no this is the last book but the best last books don’t feel like the last book until the end. I want this book to tear me apart because if it doesn’t I will be upset. This book is my childhood and I want it to end smashingly.

Honestly though I’m not too worried, I am ready for this. I have prepped all year and so far I am reasonably happy. Will do a Review when done, and kinda want to do the BoO tag… Maybe later.

Anyway happy reading

Lala Xx


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